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Boston Acoustics M350 speakers come "Highly Commended" in Hi-Fi News magazine.

The Boston Acoustics' M350 floorstanding speakers have received a fantastic 3 page review, culminating in the "Highly Commended" status in Hi-Fi News magazine (November 2012).

"Aesthetically the M Series conveys an understated air of quality" and as the daddy of the bunch, the M350s are no exception. "This is an essentially neutral, low coloration loudspeaker with no notable emphasis anywhere in the frequency range; it also did a suprisingly good job of conveying the really deep synthesised bass notes; without boom or overhang."

According to this detailed review, the M350 speakers "will delight many listeners who prefer understatement to hyperbole and refinement to brashness." Proving their worth, the M350s are "as solidly built, and as good looking as floor standing speakers at this price level get."

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